SOM has a pivotal role in the recognition of the uses of vinyl coated paper in the industry since 1975 and has been a leader in paper and cardboard processing through its high-quality products. As a result of years of experience and intensive R&D activities, SOM has created digital printing paper under the brand name “Grafisom”, as well as “Deconix” wallpaper, thereby expanding its product range. SOM offers its clients an eminently innovative, high-quality and richly-varied product range. Building on the solid experience of the past, SOM delivers products for the future.


  • Hot and Cold Embossing
  • Hot Foil Printing
  • UV Lacquer Printing
  • Silk Screen Printing With Suitable Inks
  • High Frequency Welding

Diaries, File and Ringbinders, Book Binding, Invitation Card, Photo Album, Box, Shopping Bag, Envelope,  Menu…